Where to learn how to code. Advice for new developers from a new developer

If I’ve learned anything in my fairly short time as a developer(~1.5 years full time), it’s that finding the right place to learn can be tough. Do you go with the free options, or something paid? I mean, there are tons of resources scattered around the Internet (Medium is a good resource), but it is only one in a sea of many. Do you follow a course, watch videos on YouTube, read an article, or read the documentation? With all of the options available, how does one choose? Hopefully I can shed some light on some options!
While I can’t speak for the million other devs, I can speak from experience. When I first started out, I used Udemy a ton. For me personally, I thought following along with a guided course was the best option. At the time, I think this was true, because I learned a lot about specific languages and/or tools. However, I learned that the knowledge wasn’t a one-to-one transfer. Most of the stuff learned in these very linear courses was forgotten, and I had to go back to Googling like a mad man. The upside with this was having a bunch of projects to add to my GitHub account, but the downside is not being able to transfer the knowledge outside of that course.
I’ve since learned that documentation(this may change in the future) is my personal go-to for learning about a specific topic. For example, when I was learning Cypress, the best place for me was the documentation. It was well written and clean, and very easy to follow with lots of examples that made sense. The same can be said about VueJS. I had dabbled with it in the past, but I can safely say Evan You and his team have done an amazing job with the docs. I think they’re some of the best, if not the best, on the Internet. While its widely known that not all documentation is created equally, there are some gems out there that do exactly what they are designed to do.
The last option in my list isn’t something you can do from the house, but it can be extremely beneficial. Using meetup (there are others like it, but I use this one personally) can be a great way to attend events around your specific interests. You can meet some really cool people, learn something new, and network, which can lead to finding a mentor or possibly even work.

** I’ve also heard that Hackathons can be a lot of fun and educational, but I personally haven’t been to any.

Below is a list of resources that I personally love, and can’t recommend enough.
1. Frontend masters ← This is a paid service, but amazing
2. YouTube ← A classic
3. Khan Academy ← This is good for a lot of things, coding being one of them
4. Code Academy
5. Udemy
6. Coursera
7. Language Docs ← I use these daily, and needs will differ by developer
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on my Twitter, and thank you for reading!

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